Protect the Future of Your Business with Office Contents Insurance

Most beginning businesses neglect to acquire office contents insurance because they don’t realize all of the equipment they have or the loss they face when they cannot conduct business.

You may have your office inside your house. While some homeowner’s policies offer a rider with limited coverage for business equipment, not all do. If you work out of your home, you’d be amazed at just the amount equipment you use and the high finally tally after you add up the cost of all items. It is always wise to check with your homeowner’s insurance company first to find out whether or not you need to pay for an individual office contents insurance policy or if a rider would suffice.

Office Contents Insurance

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out you might have no coverage.

For those that have employees or visitors to their workplace, there is extra potential for loss. While you might have a break in over night or on the weekend where vandals take just your office equipment, more likely than not, they’ll also go through employee’s desks in addition to taking anything at all that they deem could be of worth. Numerous office contents insurance policies offer coverage for not only your items but also for the personal effects of clients, customers and employees .

A few office contents insurance policies also cover losses from not so honest workers and visitors. Nevertheless, read the fine print because your policy could require you prove a break-in if things are missing. Each business has a variety of features in their office contents insurance policies. Shop around to discover the one that matches your situation the very best.

Typically important client papers are stored in files. Some office contents insurance policies provide legal liability to the owner in the event that a fire or other catastrophe causes loss or damages to documents held in the business office. This kind of coverage is particularly crucial for anyone in the legal or financial service area including attorneys or accountants.

An additional element your office contents insurance policy could contain is payment for the increased cost of doing business if there was damage to the working location. You might need to move for a period or even rent equipment until the company settles the claim. These office contents insurance policies can provide such coverage frequently for as much as 25 percent of the contents coverage.

One other critical addition to any office contents insurance policy is replacement cost coverage. If you have had your office equipment longer than a day, it depreciates. Any person who does taxes knows that from deducting their office equipment depreciation. That means, in the event you have a claim, the insurance company also depreciates the equipment. Although it is possible to sometimes find equivalent used office equipment, it takes some shopping and valuable time to try and do it. By adding replacement cost coverage, you will receive adequate funds to replace the destroyed or stolen equipment with out having to check used office equipment advertisements all day long. A replacement cost rider for an office contents insurance policy provides the appropriate amount needed to replace the equipment lost or ripped off with like kind equipment of the exact same level of quality with no reduction for depreciation.

Since each company is unique, check with your local agent to ensure you’ve got all of the coverage needed. Do not forget liability insurance in addition to office contents insurance. A business owner’s policy contains the two types of coverage and you might find it is much better in your circumstances. Consulting an insurance professional usually will help you sort out the protection that fits your organization like a glove.